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by on March 28, 2016

orange-rock-headerThe Dark Threat
of Cyber Crime is Growing

Stay Compliant and Protect Your Agency Data Before It’s Too Late

Avoid the $215,000 Compliance Mistake

As a city, county, or state government office, you have a lot at stake. What if your agency’s data was hacked? Are you prepared to deal with the embarrassing consequences? If a hacker were to leak tax information of private citizens from your city’s database, how would that reflect on you?

What if the data breach was traced back to your agency’s lack of security and compliance? Can you imagine the repercussions for you and your agency?

Are you prepared for the enormously expensive fine if someone in your department sends a simple email that isn’t HIPAA compliant? In Washington State, Skagit County was fined $215,000 for its HIPAA violations.

Consider for a moment. If the Feds handed down a mandate tomorrow requiring FIPS 140-2 encryption of all property tax data, where would you turn?

If you’re a procurement officer for an agency, you’re on the “hot seat” so to speak. It’s imperative that you stay current on all security mandates from the Federal Government, mainly because these are put in place to combat a very real enemy – the growing threat of cyber crime.

It’s Happening – Proof of the Growing Cyber Crime Threat

Cyber crime against government agencies is on the increase. The number of these types of cyber incidents has jumped 35 percent between 2010 and 2014, from roughly 34,000 to about 46,000, according to a recent report by the Government Accountability Office.1


Cyber experts are now predicting that in 2015 there will be a even more dramatic increase of government networks being compromised.2 And of course, Chinese hackers have been rumored to be the #1 threat to our national cyber security. No surprise there.

So what government agencies are the latest victims of hacking? None other than the White House, the USPS, the State Department, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (which includes the National Weather Service and satellite data as well.) If they’ve been compromised, your agency certainly could be as well.

Cyber security and intelligence experts are sounding the alarm far and wide that these security breaches are only the beginning. Government agencies have a reason to worry, there’s no doubt about it.

Unfortunately, as a city, county, or state government office you may not feel prepared for this kind of threat. You may not feel you have the proper manpower or feel at all qualified to stay compliant with all the security mandates needed to counter this intense level of cyber security threat.

But Orange Rock is prepared. We understand that you need top-level security and lightning-fast mandate compliance for your sensitive data. We also know that you want it to be solid, reliable, and affordable.

And that’s exactly what we offer.


Security and Compliance – The ORock Promise

Security and compliance are the Orange Rock (ORock) promise. These are the #1 reasons we created ORock Cloud, the superior data security and compliance system for government agencies.

With the ORock Cloud you get all the IT you need – without the staffing, without the huge budget, and without all the infrastructure.

With Orock Cloud, your agency’s data and emails will meet all of these industry compliance standards:

  • PCI DSS Requirement 8 – security standards for credit card data
  • FFEIC – security standards for Internet banking financial data
  • NCUA – security standards for credit union data
  • HIPAA/HITECH – security standards for dealing with private medical information
  • CJIS/GFIPM – security standards for criminal justice/law enforcement agency data

For one low monthly subscription to the ORock Cloud, your agency will:

  • Receive 100% rock solid, hacker-proof data security
  • Maintain 100% compliance with all federal mandates and tight security standards
  • Never have to worry about IT staffing again

All your sensitive data will be moved into the ORock Cloud. Emails you send will be compliant with all existing security standards (listed above). Any and all new federal mandates for cyber security will be instantly applied to your data.

Users can access their own data securely and remain in compliance with current law. For example, a private homeowner would be able to interact with your website and pay their property taxes online without violating the federal data privacy laws.

And the cloud even provides you with mobility – you can access your government data in any remote location away from the office, and still enjoy 100% data security and 100% mandate compliance.

Everything will be covered, everything will be secure.


How do we do it? We don’t go small. We are the #1 provider of security for government agencies. We are the most unique data security company in the industry today, using the most secure protocols on the planet.

Even More Unbelievable Layers of Protection For Your Data

ORock’s encryption for your sensitive data is so secure and safe that we also meet the FIPS 140-2 accreditation standards, a U.S. government computer security standard used to accredit cryptographic modules. We have the highest rated FIPS 140-2 encryption on the planet – nothing is safer for your data.

Not only that, but we also offer 2FA user security protocols, meaning that users must be well-authenticated before gaining access to anything. Two Factor authentication adds another layer of security to your user logon sequence, by requiring not only a username/password, but also a biometric, such as a retina scan or a fingerprint.

For added protection, ORock Cloud makes sure your sensitive data is not stored all in one place. It is spread out across many servers (and we tell you where) and protected by several firewalls of security as well.

No bad bot or malware could ever steal data because it could never find all the pieces. One record could be located in several data centers across the country.


Excellent Features and Superior Customer Service as Well

In addition to all this, ORock Cloud also provides your agency with huge amounts of RAM for processing complex requests as well as terrabytes of data storage – more storage than you’ll ever need. And we give you the additional benefits of 24/7 NOC monitoring and USA-based customer support.

Customer support is one of our highest goals and we want to provide you with the best, any time of the day that you need it.

With ORock Cloud you get:

  • No hacker, bad bot, or malware intrusions
  • No compromised data
  • No non-compliant emails
  • No IT staffing
  • No IT infrastructure
  • Extreme 2FA logon security
  • Extreme FIPS 140-2 airtight data security
  • Extreme layers of firewalls
  • Extreme amounts of RAM, data storage, daily backups, 24 hour NOC monitoring and 24/7 customer support
  • Data spread over multiple servers
  • User Mobility
  • Everything handled for you for one low monthly fee
  • Unbelievable benefits to your agency and at an affordable price for your budgetWhat could be better?Contact us now to get started and one of our Data Security Experts will start the process of customizing a solution to fit your agency’s needs. We offer you personalized cloud strategy sessions and a free needs assessment as well.Imagine never having to worry again about compliance or data security for your sensitive agency data. Wouldn’t that be a relief? Security and compliance. This is the ORock Cloud promise.

(1) http://www.cnn.com/2014/12/19/politics/government-hacks-and-security-breaches-skyrocket/

(2) http://www.gtcybersecuritysummit.com/2015report