Increase Conversions Up to 400% and Never Fear Paid Traffic Again

by on April 11, 2016
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If you have a great product, and you know it but are worried about sending paid traffic to it, your answer is closer than you think. If you REALLY want to grow your business, and increase conversions by up to 400% in some cases, listen up.

Survey Funnel Psychology

There is a strange psychology behind getting customers to answer questions. And it’s the driving psychology behind something called a Survey Funnel.

Getting your prospects to make “micro-commitments” is a simple little trick that increases your conversions like wildfire when it’s done right. 

When you ask a customer a series of questions that guides them down the customized sales funnel you want, you will be amazed how your conversions increase.

How a Survey Funnel Works

For example, let’s say you’re a cosmetic company selling an online course that helps both older and younger ladies learn how to apply your makeup line. When they land on your site, they immediately begin watching your autoplay video selling them on why they need to learn specific techniques to apply makeup at different ages. They need to apply cosmetics in different ways based on their own coloring, skin tone, and age. Also, you can address applying makeup in different ways for different occasions.

At the end of the home page video (or if they try to click away) a survey will pop up right in front of them, asking them simple questions that progressively get more specific. Each question is customized based on the answer to the previous one. At the end of about 7 or 8 questions, you let them know you have the video with the answer to their problem. 

This new video of course, will show a solution to their problem, and it will also let them know at the end, that there is an even better solution to their makeup questions, and they can learn even more secrets in your PAID product. 

No More Fear of Paid Traffic

Survey funnels are like being able to read your customer’s mind. They are a super way to meet objections, increase customer engagement with you, and increase your conversions. 

Contact me today to set up a survey funnel for you. You won’t have to worry about sending paid traffic to your landing page anymore.

Shawn Dady