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Times change. Your marketing should as well.

At Artemis Digital, we base all our strategies around the concept of Inbound Marketing. Customers find you, engage with you, and start building trust. When you give them valuable content and establish your industry authority, they’re far more likely to purchase. Then of course, they spread the word. THIS is the marketing model of the 21st century.

Shawn Dady, President and Founder

About Artemis Digital

Shawn has been a strategic marketing consultant for over 12 years, as well as a successful AWAI-trained, direct response copywriter. Based in Nashville, Artemis Digital focuses on Brand Development, Content Curation and Development, and Social Media Strategies and Implementation.

Inbound Marketing

Old-style marketing was about chasing uninterested customers and cramming your message down their throats. Today, marketing is all about the customer. They come to you as you engage them, educate them, and build trust. The new marketing is powered by content and value. We work with you to brand your business and get you on the new marketing track. Contact us today.

Product Launches

“Product Launches” are one of the most effective ways to sell eBooks, online courses, and digital products. By building online courses, memberships, webinars, training videos, and more, we help you start taking advantage of the best ways to make money online. And using the “product launch formula” we launch your products like a rocket.

More Conversions

Ultimately, better marketing plans mean more conversions for you. Using SEO increases traffic to your website. Using online PR gets your message to your target audience by writing articles that get published on industry websites. Use paid advertising like pay-per-click and social media advertising target your prospects demographically. We use systematic approaches on all these platforms to seek out your customers and direct them to your website.


Samples of what we do for our clients.

Dr. Bill Locante, DDS

This is an entire website built by Artemis Digital, LLC for an oral surgeon – including all web copy and design. Dr. Bill Locante, DDS Click the image above to see the entire website live. Created by Artemis Digital, LLC  

ProIQ Probiotic – From Simple Smart Science

This was a VSL landing page created for Simple Smart Science promoting their probiotic product ProIQ. Click the image above to see this VSL sales page for Simple Smart Science To see this page live and watch the live VSL click …


Cold calling software made easy Lead management has never been easier. Get a superior workflow, combining a clean and comprehensible activity feed for tracking lead history, with easy access to edit and update the lead. Intelligent queueing lets multiple agents …

Orange Rock Cloud

The Dark Threat of Cyber Crime is Growing … Stay Compliant and Protect Your Agency Data Before It’s Too Late Avoid the $215,000 Compliance Mistake As a city, county, or state government office, you have a lot at stake. What …

The Women’s Financial Edge Newsletter

If You’re a Woman Your Life Will Change Forever WhenYou Discover These Financial Secrets 86% of Women Give up Their Comfortable Lifestyle When They Retire … Become one of the 14% who don’t. Think about this. You as a woman are …

The Safe Money Report

This was a landing page created for Weiss Research and The Safe Money Report. Click the image above to see this sales page for Weiss Research Created by Artemis Digital, LLC

Bank on Yourself

The Best Way to Invest for Safety, Liquidity, Flexibility, Control and Tax Advantages Hundreds of thousands of people have opted out of a system where the odds are stacked against you and are using the Bank On Yourself method to …

The Let Me Be Frank Guy

“Energy-Based” Life Coaching – Divorce, depression, loss of a loved one … whatever difficult changes you are going through, a life coach is someone you can turn to. A life coach stands in the background, cheering you on, helping you make the right decisions, …

Cascadia Creamery

Beyond Organic – At Cascadia Creamery, we strive to go “beyond organic.” We put careful, quiet, and considered thought into every facet of our cheese-making.  The fourth generation family dairy where we source our milk practices exceptionally humane animal husbandry skills …

One Trusted Advisor

Don’t Risk Your Business. If you’re feeling scattered and disorganized with your legal, financial, tax, and insurance issues
 – like you have a bit of a “junk drawer” from so many previous advisors, you’re right – you likely ARE disorganized. …

Sunset Blvd Studios, Inc.

Welcome to Sunset Blvd Studios where you get truly professional recording quality at an affordable price. Our state of the art studio is at your service. Sunset Blvd is a state of the art digital recording facility located in the rolling …


Our Blog

The Secret to Getting Your Website to Profit and Grow

by admin on April 11, 2016

What’s the secret to getting your website to profit and grow? I’ll just reveal it at the beginning of this blog post. Copywriting. Great copywriting. And if you’re a beginner when it comes understanding what makes for great copywriting, here are some …

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Increase Conversions Up to 400% and Never Fear Paid Traffic Again

by admin on April 11, 2016

If you have a great product, and you know it but are worried about sending paid traffic to it, your answer is closer than you think. If you REALLY want to grow your business, and increase conversions by up to …

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Did You Miss an Entire Target Audience?

by admin on April 8, 2016

Are you leaving money on the table by not taking advantage of target audiences in secondary markets? Testing your product’s secondary benefits in a side campaign to different target audiences, can add sales, and open up opportunities for future products …

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